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At Learn Assembly, during the lockdown and home office period in France, we quickly observed that HR and L&D services had to address the emergency of digitising their offer. Copy-pasting the practices of face-to-face trainings was not an option. Companies had to rethink the learning experience with the help of digital tools.   

In order to help the players of the employability ecosystem, we offered the Tatami, our online course on digital learning, for free. More than 900 people have signed up for this MOOC since March 2020. And with our experience with the teams of Canal +, Orange, Suez or else Galeries Lafayette, we are happy to present to you our new online courses intended for companies’ L&D teams.  

You can take the digital format with three online classes of 2 hours each, or the face-to-face format. We also have an intra-company version that we adapt to the company’s needs. 

Our New Learning Offer

We noticed that many organizations and individuals are facing similar challenges and want to develop their skills on some specific aspects of distance courses:

On the other hand, we saw an increasing desire from startups to create their courses offer to develop their employees’ skills and better address the market needs. Also, many freelancers in this industry decided to launch their own business. Our course dedicated to EdTech entrepreneurs and facilitated by Antoine Amiel, Founder & CEO of Learn Assembly, helps understand how this ecosystem works and the challenges you can face.

Our Programs’ Specifics

For each course, the individual and personalized coaching option is available. We invite you to see our offer and be part of our pilot programs starting in September 2020. You’ll find in the chart below more information about the launch dates of the next sessions:

Learn Assembly is a learning company which mission is to help organizations develop their employees’ employability, in a sound and sustainable manner. As an architect and a builder of learning experiences, we help you gain height and get your hands dirty at the same time to make your projects successful.

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