LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report: What Trends for 2020?


LinkedIn published its last report on workplace learning. We sum you up the main lessons we have learned.


LinkedIn asked 1675 L&D pros and 2000 learners about their priorities in its 2020 Workplace Learning Report. Beforehand, let’s be clear on one point: this report was published right before the lockdown. For that reason, the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on L&D practices is not analyzed. Here are some learnings we picked for you.

Digital Learning Budget

For 57% of talent developers, the budget for online learning programs increased in 2020. And there is a good chance that this number will only increase this year due to COVID-19. 57% also say online training time has increased compared with Instructor-Led Training (ILT). This increase, while undeniable, is to be put into perspective: it shows that almost half of the companies haven’t increased the role of digital learning in three years. They have been either at the edge or remained skeptical.

Compliance, my Love

The design and deployment of compliance training are frequent tasks for L&D teams. They are amongst the 3 most time-consuming tasks. This number reflects the regulatory inflation that characterizes our era. 15% of the time is spent to identify the learning needs with the managers and 10% is dedicated to promote learning with the directors. We can then ask ourselves what are the priorities for learning designers.


It’s the number of C-level executives for whom reducing the skill gaps and learning programs are major business priorities. Note that for companies with less than 1000 employees, only 27% of CEOs agree with this statement. So there’s still work to be done.

Measuring Impact

24% of L&D pros don’t measure learner engagement based on online usage data. It’s a small but huge percentage at the same time, that reflects priorities different from learning. This can be explained by the differences between areas, beliefs or covered topics. 

Learning Culture

42% of talent developers confirm that this year’s priority is creating a culture of learning. It’s good news for our solution, Learning Boost, aiming at analyzing and developing the companies’ learning cultures. This program will help you test your teams’ learning agility. To get your free individual and personalized profile and receive a development program to improve your learning environment, you can contact us to fill out our survey.

Learning on the Job

According to LinkedIn Learning statistics, 83% of time spent in online learning is done on working time. This percentage shows how much micro-learning and access to short learning contents facilitates learning on the job…  

Creativity and Blockchain

They are the most sought-after soft and hard skills. Creativity comes before persuasion, collaboration and adaptability. As for hard skills, blockchain seems to be more important than cloud computing, artificial intelligence or even UX design. 

79% of learners value receiving personalized course recommendations based on their career goals and skills gaps. They don’t want to waste time digging for a personalized learning experience that serves up the right learning at the right time. This percentage is to be carefully analyzed: if spending hours looking for a module is clearly a source of irritation for learners who know where to search, searching is also a way to define your need and think. It depends if the wasted time is an ergonomic issue or a problem linked to the expression of need. Actually, this is a topic that we cover in our program Learning how to learn with Learning Boost.

Find the whole report here.

Learn Assembly is a learning company which mission is to help organizations develop their employees’ employability, in a sound and sustainable manner. As an architect and a builder of learning experiences, we help you gain height and get your hands dirty at the same time to make your projects successful.

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